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I nearly gave up hope on my idea to create a fantasy golf league. I spent years and thousands of dollars trying to get it launched. The Brandname Maker team came in with some great ideas, and I had a live site up and running in a month! Now we have 100s of active users. It's literally a dream come true. Have them make you a Launch Plan today! You'll regret putting it off another day.
— Michael Green, Founder of Teepster.com
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Without doubt Kevin is the best web developer I've worked with.
I've had the pleasure of working with Kevin on a project for nearly a year and have been particularly impressed with Kevin's incredible efficiency, outside-the-box ideas and web dev skills.
I hope to keep Kevin involved with my project for some time to come. Kevin is a top-notch individual. I've worked with him for just over three years at Classy Llama and during that time I have come to know him as a man of character and integrity. If he gives you his word, he will follow through... I count myself as very fortunate to have worked with Kevin on a variety of projects at Classy Llama. Kevin and I have collaborated on client proposals, full e-commerce site builds, UI/UX reviews, and personal venture brainstorming. Kevin always delivers a fresh perspective and great inspiration to our discussions. I trust Kevin to validate my approach to projects and ensure that no stone is left unturned in our quest to deliver the best user experience possible to our clients...

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